30 August 2018



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To introduce ourselves real quick...


Why are we calling ourselves chaotic?! Good question...well we are four young guys, who started to plan a bike journey across half of the globe just a few weeks before actually starting pedaling. The bags weren’t fully equipped and we didn’t even have all the gear we needed for our bike adventure.
Our whole route is a mixture of dream destinations and advices with a rough direction. We are going to tell you more about that later.
But one thing is sure as our motto is spontaneity: our tour is going to be a big adventure with many surprises everyday.


We decided to use our bicycles to go on this journey.
We started in our hometown Borken. Currently we are in Albania and we have passed Germany, Swiss, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro.
Always trying to escape the winter. Because as every Northener knows: “Winter is coming.“
From here we are heading to our first bigger destination which is Istanbul. When we arrive there we going to need some time to recover and plan how the journey continues. Cross Turkey? Maybe! Find a way to Iran? Probably! Take a plane with the bicycles? There is probably no other option if we want to go to Asia!
However, we are going to see. And you too.


The club currently consists of us the four founders Antonius, Marian, Gerrit and Thomas. And all the people who support and join us on our way. So you to! Antonius and Thomas are friends since the childhood. On Highschool Marian and Antonius went to the same class. Later they got to know Gerrit who has been in the parallel class.
In the following three years we grew together as a group on our first two tours to Amsterdam and London.
On the way back from London the crazy idea was born:
“Are we going to cycle around the world?“
“Hahahaha...yes why not!“